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Meet Penelope, we do pretty much everything together. Whether strolling the park, swimming, boating, gardening, or watching TV, she's the best pal a girl could ask for, and the inspiration behind Share the Wuv.

If you’re anything like us, you take your best friend, and we mean your 4-legged, furry best friend, everywhere you go, every chance you get. What’s better than sharing life’s experiences with your BFF, amiright?

And one of our favorite experiences is seeking out tasty morsels!

But ohh- then there’s the wide, begging eyes, the drool about to land on your favorite shoes- and you wish you could share, you really do! But maybe what you’re eating isn’t pup friendly...

If only there was a place the food was delicious enough for you, but safe for your pooch. A dog-dedicated spot not only near your pooch’s favorite sniffing grounds, but near all your favorite places too, then you could both be in gastro-bliss! 

And that’s how Share the Wuv was born!

Our food cart for dogs is serving up treats so delicious you’ll be begging your bestie to share! 

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